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All of Neil Dankoff's images are printed on FujiFlex Crystal Archive paper.

FujiFlex is a high-quality archival printing material for producing vivid color super glossy color enlargements. FujiFlex is designed for natural well-balanced tonal reproduction, clear highlights, increased contrast, and great shadow detail. It allows an abundance of detailed reds, natural greens, and especially vivid yellows. FujiFlex has excellent smoothness and flatness which produces prints with superb gloss and great clarity

FujiFlex is known as one of the longest lasting printing materials. The superlative permanence of FujiFlex is due to its environmentally resistant light-fast dyes and its extremely durable polyester base. Testing by Henry Wilhelm on the related Fuji FA5 Crystal Archive indicates a 60 year display life which is over twice as long as Ilfochrome at 25 year display life.